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Adult Diaper

Product Code– AD-101, AD-102, AD-103
Adult Diaper

Sara+Care Adult Diaper comes with an advanced leakage protection, these adult diapers feature super absorbent layers, that significantly reduce the chances of a leakage. It locks in fluids instantly to keep the wearer dry and helps eliminate odour.

Special Features:

  • Skin Friendly - No Odour & No Rashes
  • Soft & Comfortable
  • Super Absorbent Gel Core - Quickly Locks Fluids Away and Helps Eliminate Odour
  • Re-Fasten Able Tape - High Quality Re-Fasten Able Tape Helps Adjust to a Comfortable Fit
  • Leak Proof Technology - Netted Channel Inside for Faster Liquid Distribution and Absorption
  • Unisex - Equally Comfortable for Both, Men & Women
  • Leg Cuff & Cuff Elastic
  • Wetness Indicator

Adult Diaper


  • Used by people with medical conditions that experience urinary or faecal incontinence often also used by people who are bedridden or in wheelchairs.

Note: Actual product might differ from the picture.

Our adult diapers are designed to absorb and contain urine and feces for people who cannot control their bladder or bowels. The diapers we offer are usually worn by elderly people, people with incontinence, or people with certain medical conditions. Adult diapers can help to improve quality of life by providing a sense of security and independence.

They can also help to reduce the risk of skin infections and other complications associated with incontinence. Our adult diapers keep the person wearing them dry and clean. They can also help to protect the person's clothing and furniture from soiling. Adult diapers are available in a variety of styles and sizes.

Some people may feel embarrassed about wearing adult diapers, but they can be a very effective way of managing incontinence. Adult diapers are extremely helpful for people with incontinence, mobility impairments, severe diarrhea, or bedridden. Adult diapers are also sometimes used by people who are unable to control their bowels or bladder due to a medical condition. Adult diapers also come in a wide variety of absorbency levels to meet the needs of different people.

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