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The largest and most respected accreditation agencies

A.I.I.M.S New Delhi

A.F.M.S.D Delhi

A.I.I.M.S Patna

A.F.M.S.D Mumbai

A.I.I.M.S Rishikesh

A.F.M.S.D Lucknow

A.I.I.M.S Jhajjar

D.H.S Delhi

D.H.S Mumbai

D.H.S Kolkata

D.H.S Port Blair

Jipmer Puducherry

P.G.I Chandigarh

P.G.I Rohtak


MCD North

MCD South

MCD East


DMER Maharashtra

ESIC Delhi

ESIC Bangalore

ESIC Jaipur

ESIC Patna

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