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Microporous Tape

Product Code– SP-101 & SP-102
Microporous Tape

Sara+Care Microporous Tape is a dermatologist-tested, hypo-allergenic solution that provides safe and effective healing. It is manufactured with non-woven rayon.

Special Features:

  • Made from Micro-Porous Non-Woven Acrylic Fabric
  • Uniformly Coated with a Hypoallergenic, Non-Toxic, Non-Irritant Adhesive
  • Easy to Peel Off Without Causing Discomfort or Skin Irritation
  • High Porosity Allows Skin to Breathe, and High Resistance to Water and Vapour Prevents the Tape from Peeling Off
  • Suitable on Sensitive Body Parts, for Infants and Adults

Microporous Tape


  • Used for fixation of dressing, tubing, ostomy pouches etc. on patients.
  • Used for securing dressings to damp or dry skin and taping fragile, at risk skin.

Note: Actual product might differ from the picture.

Our microporous tape is made up of a micro-porous non-woven acrylic fabric. That tape is perfect to be used in a variety of industrial, medical, and consumer applications. Our tape is waterproof, breathable, and resistant to many chemicals, making it an ideal material for a wide range of uses. The tape is easy to peel off and this is why it can be used both on the skin and on medical devices to ensure sterility. It can also be used in packaging and shipping to protect goods from moisture and dust. Microporous surgical tape is an incredibly versatile material that continues to find new applications in the medical industry all the time.

Our surgical micropore tape provides a strong, airtight seal in a variety of applications. It is composed of a microporous membrane that is laminated with a pressure-sensitive adhesive. We have created a tape that is breathable yet still waterproof, making it ideal for applications where air and moisture need to be blocked. The tape is also highly conformable and can be used on irregular surfaces. It is perfect for medical and scientific applications, and suitable for sensitive body parts as well.

Our tape will create a barrier between materials and you to protect you from being contaminated. The microscopic pores are filled with air and allow for the passage of molecules, but not larger particles, such as dust and dirt. Surgical micropore tape can also be used to protect sensitive devices from dust and moisture. It comes with a sensitive but strong adhesive which is easier to peel and apply as well. Microporous tape is dermatologist tested and is safe to use. No matter what the application, microporous tape is an essential tool in a medical setting and we provide the best ones.

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