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A nurse cap is a traditional piece of headwear worn by nurses. The caps you find in our collection are typically white or light blue in color and are made from lightweight fabric. Our nurse caps are triangular in shape, with the front forming a peak and the back falling to drape over the neck. The sides are usually pinned together to keep the cap snugly in place. In addition to being both practical and fashionable, our nurse caps are designed to allow ease in functionality and keep hair out of the face.

The nurse cap is a traditional part of the nurse uniform that is still seen in many hospitals around the world. Our nurse cap serves both a functional and symbolic purpose. Functionally, it helps keep hair out of a nurse's face while they are at work. Symbolically, it can be seen as an outward sign of the nurse's commitment to their profession and service to others. It is also a reminder of the historical roots of nursing when the cap was used to signify the status of nurses. The nurse cap continues to be an important part of the uniform, and we ensure all nurses have access to the best quality caps that are comfortable to wear and functional as well.

Most of the time the nurse cap is worn by nurses as an indication of their profession and their commitment to patient care. We offer white or off-white fabric nurse caps with a flat brim and a round top, which is usually adorned with a band. The traditional color of the band is navy blue, although there are now a number of different colors available. Our surgeon caps are designed with breathable fabric. This prevents contamination and ensures there is not a buildup of microorganisms in hair. Since nurses and surgeons have to wear these caps for long hours. They need caps that will cover the head and hair completely. Our caps are available in a range of sizes so you can find one that fits you!

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