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Under Pad

Product Code– AD-104
Under Pads

Sara+Care Underpad prevents any leakages onto the bed. It is a perfect solution for bedridden patients who are suffering from incontinence disease due to weak bladder control.

Special Features:

  • Non-Toxic, Skin Friendly
  • Waterproof Moisture Barrier
  • Multi Layered Construction
  • Extra Soft Surface to Ensure Comfort of User
  • Biodegradable Quality
  • Consistent Absorbency

Under Pads


  • Used on beds and other furniture to protect against stains from body fluid.
  • Ideal to use after surgery, giving birth or illness to keep surface clean and dry.

Note: Actual product might differ from the picture.

Our underpads are absorbent pads that are placed under a person who is incontinent or has a medical condition that causes them to leak urine or feces. They are also sometimes called diapers, although they are not the same thing.

Diapers are made to be worn by babies and young children, while underpads are placed on the bed under the sheet to help adults. Underpads for beds help to keep the person dry and comfortable, and they can also protect the person's clothing and bedding from stains.

In some cases, underpads may also be used for people who are bedridden or have mobility issues. Underpads come in a variety of sizes and absorbencies, and they can be used with adult diapers, incontinence briefs, or on their own. Underpads for patients can be placed on chairs, sofas, beds, or any other surface where an incontinent person may sit or lie down. They can also be used during travel to help protect against the soiling of hotel beds or other furniture. Our underpads can be a helpful tool for managing incontinence, and they can provide peace of mind to both the person with incontinence and their caregivers.

The most common type of underpad we offer is a disposable pad, but there are also reusable pads that can be washed and reused. Underpads for beds can be used on their own or in conjunction with other incontinence products, such as diapers or adult briefs. Underpads can help to keep the skin dry and free from irritation, and they can also help to protect furniture and bedding from incontinence leaks.

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